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Valentine’s Day and Love and Money

What Can We Learn From the Data? Since these surveys were done at the end of January, I suspect the answers are more likely reflective of relationships in the previous year which would be 2021 and 2020. This makes me wonder how much of these changes are related to the pandemic and our level of social interaction than any significant changes in feelings about talking with money with others? I do think it would be […]

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Are You Making Any of These Money Mistakes?

Smart people don’t make dumb mistakes with their money. Or do they? See how many of these traps you might be falling into. Time Vs Money Nearly all decisions about money are related to time. Spend more to save time, or pay less but do more yourself. One money saving idea is that if there is a gas station further away from your usual one that has gas for less money, then it is worth […]

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Budgeting for New Graduates

One day I was having coffee with a friend whom has two children who had just graduated from college and were excited about the possibility of getting a job and moving out of mom and dad’s house. One of his concerns was that regardless of how he tried to talk about the subject of money, the children (boys!) weren’t really thinking about the financial implications of being independent. It wasn’t that they were ignoring the […]

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Stop Money Leaking Out of Your Accounts!

You may have money leaking out of your accounts and not even realize it. Here are a number of possible ways you are letting money drain out of your accounts and how to stop these leaks. Bank Fees Other fees that you can avoid are minimum balance fees by making sure that your balance is always over the minimum amount. Several tools such as the bank’s own mobile apps or independent budgeting apps can give […]

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Is a Safe Deposit Box the Best Place for Your Stuff?

In our parent’s generation, it was pretty much assumed that if you had valuables that you wanted to hang onto, you didn’t keep them at home, but you would rent a safe deposit box from your local bank. After all, if the bank vault was good enough to keep the bank’s cash safe, it would be safe for your things as well. When told that irreplaceable papers such as a Will or Power of Attorney […]

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A Fresh New Year With Help

This is the time when we start thinking about choices for the new year. Perhaps taking care of your household finances is one of them. I have a number of ideas of who and how a daily money manager can help with that task. Why I Got Into This Business I’ve been asked multiple times why I gave up my corporate career and decided to go into daily money management. There is not one answer, […]

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The Freshness of the New Year

As we close 2021 and look forward to 2022, this is a transition that is different than previous years. A few years ago, what we thought about was what we were going to do in the new year. Lose some weight. Adopt a new strategy. Work on some projects like cleaning things up/out, or exercising more, or starting that new whatever. 2020 and 2021 Were Different The past two years, we’ve looked at the new […]

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Christmas In 1956 (And Why I Know About It)

Several people have asked me where I got my training for being a daily money manager. They ask if I was in the financial field before this, or if I have a degree in accounting. I have had a lot of training in daily money management, but it came from the experience of observing and participating in the daily money management my parents practiced. It wasn’t until I got into the profession of daily money […]

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Organizing Your Financial Paperwork

As we approach the end of the year, the idea of cleaning things up and clearing things out may be on our minds. This might be a good time to put some organization to the paperwork around the home. People tend to be in two camps when it comes to paperwork – Pack Rats who keep way too much (I’m in that category) or the Purger who throws everything out and doesn’t keep things that […]

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The Slippery Slope of a Caregiver’s Time

In 2018, Barron’s had a cover article on the costs of caregiving. What was interesting to me was that it wasn’t primarily covering the costs for the person needing care, but the financial and emotional costs associated with the caregiver. The Gentle Slope The Health Crisis Sharper Slope of Caregiving The next phase of caregiving may come suddenly with an injury or illness from which the individual doesn’t ever make it back to the previous […]

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