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Another Way To Stop Money Leaking

Earlier this year, I wrote about a way to save money that involved reviewing and removing subscription apps on your phone as well as other auto-renewing subscriptions that you might not be using. I suggested cancelling those subscriptions that are note being used as a method of getting more money back in your pocket. For those auto-renewing subscriptions, I also recommend setting a future calendar reminder for a year out to generate a reminder to […]

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Start Off On The Right Foot With An Emergency Fund

If you received a bill in the mail tomorrow, that you were not expecting, and it said you owed $400, would it be a financial hardship to pay that bill? In 2013 nearly 50% of adults would find paying that bill a hardship, and 20% said they would totally be unable to pay that. The silver lining is that with the boom in the economy since then, the numbers have improved. By 2020, only 36% […]

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Photo of vials of life medicine bottles courtesy the author

A Medicine Bottle That Can Save Your Life? What’s in it!?

If you could put all the information needed to communicate your health history into one place, where would be a good place to keep it? Perhaps in a filing cabinet? On a desk? On the nightstand? The basic concept is that the information is stored in the medicine bottle and this bottle is stored on a shelf on the refrigerator door. In other versions, the bottle is placed in a plastic bag and attached to […]

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Image of woman pushing another woman in a wheelchair courtesy Pixabay

Being A Caregiver Isn’t For The Feint Of Heart

A couple of decades ago, the U S Army had a promotional ad on television that ended with “We do more by 9am than most people do all day.” There is another category of people for whom this is true as well: caregivers. Caregiving is not for the feint of heart and not all people can take this on. Being a caregiver for another person is something we probably don’t think about until it happens. […]

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Photo of Asian man in hat holding up credit cards

There Isn’t a Snowball’s Chance In… Well, Actually There Is!

How would you like to be able to pay all of your credit card statements in full each month? How cool is that to know that it is possible? Even if you have a lot of credit cards with balances on them, it is possible to get there and within just a few years! What does this have to do with snowballs? Want to know how? Read on! Two-Pronged Focus: Stop Digging Then Fill the […]

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How Long Should I Keep my Financial Records?

During the tax season we are forced to address paperwork we have collected since it is necessary to gather all the required paperwork to prepare taxes. This might also be a good time to deal with a lot of the financial paperwork that may be stored away in who-knows-where locations from drawers to boxes or worse. Hanging on to Too Much or Too Little How Long to Keep Those Records? Regardless of your method, the […]

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Credit Freeze Free but Still Too Few People Have One in Place

Identity theft in the USA continues to be a problem, with more and more people reporting to the FTC’s complaint database. I define identity theft as having someone not you using your personal and financial information to create new accounts in your name, or using your existing credit. There have been enough computer breaches of American’s identification information that everyone should assume that someone can obtain your identity and use it to create new accounts […]

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Finding Money in the Electronic Cushions

There is the old joke that when you want to find some spare change for something you look under the cushions of the couch and chairs and head out to the car and look under and around the seats. With so many transactions happening online these days, the chances of carrying around pocket change to lose in the furniture or car are much smaller. But it is still possible to find those “change” types of […]

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Ugly Tax Season Coming This Year

The 2021 tax season is here and it could be an ugly season. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) continues to face budget cuts and staffing issues due to covid. In addition, they have been tasked with distributing the federal checks to taxpayers during Covid as well as the child care credit checks. It has overwhelmed them and they are very much behind in processing tax returns on a timely basis. Ways to Help Potentially Speed […]

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America Saves Week is Here

The week of February 21, 2022 is the beginning of America Saves Week, a week devoted to encouraging Americans to save some of their money for what they will need later. For example, there are still too many families who would have trouble coming up with $400 in an emergency situation. Saving money will help end that risk. Here are some options for saving for each day of the week. Monday: Saving Automatically Tuesday: Save […]

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