Little men standing on top of a hard drive platter with brooms cleaning up the surface

Scam Corner: Close Up Hacker Opportunities With A Digital Clean-Up

The new year is often a time when people decide to bring organization to the chaos and disorder in life. While this often means tidying up physical objects, don’t forget to tidy up the electronic computers as well. Since smartphones are really hand-held computers, that means tidying up them as well. Hackers know about a lot of software and the bugs and holes that allow them to either take over a computer or access its […]

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Photo of sunset on beach with silhouette of a man in hat in a geriatric wheelchair being pushed by a woman figure courtesy of Pixabay

How To Survive Caregiving

The late First Lady Rosalynn Carter had a famous quote: “There are only four kinds of people in the world — those that have been caregivers, those that are caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers.” Given that this affects so many of us, I asked a psychologist friend of mine, Barbara Shaffer, to provide some of her expertise on staying healthy as a caregiver for a family member. This […]

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Image of a piggy bank with an umbrella and raining dollar bills courtesy pixabay

Want To Save More? A DMM Can Help With That!

As a daily money manager (DMM), I like to say that I help people achieve financial goals that a person is having trouble meeting themselves. Money is emotional and sometimes it is hard to see the bigger picture forest through the day-to-day trees. Our society is also reticent to discuss money. When we don’t manage it well, we don’t want to reach out to others for help. I can recall my mother telling me about […]

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Image of person using phone and laptop courtesy Firmbee from Pixabay

Scam Corner: Watch Out For Smishing This Holiday Season

If you’ve recently received a text message from the post office saying there was a problem with package delivery and to click a link to fix it, you’ve been a target of Smishing. For years, I’ve received these type messages in my spam email. They are called Phishing in email. The name Smishing comes from the fact that they are Phishing over SMS (text) or “SMishing”. What Is Smishing? Generally, these are text messages from […]

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Image of a man sitting on a bench staring ahead while the sun goes down in the distance courtesy Pixabay

Laid Off? How To Manage Money Between Jobs

As the government raises interest rates to avoid runaway inflation, this will result in a slowing of the economy. Along with this, businesses may find a need to lay off employees. Employee payroll is often the largest expense a business has, so this is where cuts are taken. If you find yourself to be one of those let go, here are a few tips to manage money during this period of time. Use Savings and […]

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Images of a US map with pins in it courtesy Unsplash

Moving To Another State For Grandkids May Be More Costly Than You Think

For someone just retired, a thought might be to move closer to children or grandchildren now that the job no longer is a factor. This can be a compelling idea, particularly as one thinks about spending more time with others. Another thought would be that living close to relatives provides a source of care when that is needed. Before pulling the trigger and making that move, it is wise to review living costs both where […]

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Image of floodwaters around a house with cows on the front porch courtesy Unsplash.

Would You Like That Hurricane For Take Out?

The hurricane season runs from June through November each year. However, much like deer do not always cross at deer crossing signs, hurricanes do not limit themselves to just these months. There is also a known correlation between the solar cycle of sunspots and the intensity of hurricanes, and the next solar maximum will occur next year. Given we are in the midst of the 2023 hurricane season, this is the time for those living […]

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Image of two computer screens facing each other with a hand coming out of one holding a credit card and a hand coming out of the other holding a paper shopping bag courtesy Mediamodifier on Pixabay

Scam Corner: FTC Ramping Up Enforcement of Illegal Dark Pattern Websites

What do the companies Vonage, Epic Games, and Amazon have in common? All have been fined by the Federal Trade Commission for dark patterns that went afoul of FTC rules against websites that misdirect, or otherwise result in charges for which the consumer did not intend to make. Epic Games (the company that makes Fortnite) and Amazon were both taken to task for offering free applications, but which contained in-app purchase capability in ways that […]

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Man with head in hands looking at his laptop computer

Avoiding A Crisis of Finances As An Older Adult

When I get a new older adult client, more often than not, their finances are a mess. There are missed payments, accounts that have gone to collections, a large spend of assets, bounced checks and more. These are people who tell me (or family tell me) that they were always on top of their finances, had a good credit rating and never had credit card balances or bounced checks. The difference between an easy resolution […]

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A young couple talking with laptops in their laps courtesy cottonbro studio on Pexels

Ways Young Couples Can Avoid Money Strife

Young couples face many sources of stress in their lives today. Money is one of the top causes of stress and relationship issues between couples. There are, however, a number of ways to circumvent the levels of stress related to personal finances. Couples should plan time to have uninterrupted conversations around a number of topics. Talk About Financial Goals For The Future Moving from past to future, a couple should spend time discussing what their […]

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