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Cancel Fraudsters With This Credit Card Option

The game between fraudsters and credit card issuers is a cat and mouse game. Just as fast as merchants put something in place to dissuade fraud with their cards, the fraudsters come up with a way to defeat them. One of the struggles is online purchasing because the card doesn’t actually have to be present to make a purchase. All that is needed is the credit card number, expiration date, and security code from the […]

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Writing A Financial Autobiography

Do you deal with money in your household? Have you ever found yourself at odds with a family member or partner when it comes to money? Has that tension seemed like it started when you got together? There is more to the use of money than just what appears on the surface. Why You Spend And Earn Money The Way You Do In the same way personality and habits are developed over your lifetime, earning […]

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Financial Impacts Of The Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act recently passed by Congress is being touted as government working to reduce the rate of inflation that has spiked in 2021 and 2022. I’ll leave it to the politicians to go into the details of how this will or won’t help with bringing inflation down. One of the benefits of this Act is that it will raise more funds than the expenditures it authorizes with the result that the national debt […]

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Some Quick Ways To Declutter Your Inbox (And The Real Mailbox As Well)

Our lives seem to be so busy these days. One source that keeps us busy is dealing with both postal mail and email inboxes. It may not be getting so much from friends, but instead from businesses and spammers. Here are a few ways to help clean things up. Postal Junk Mail Credit Card Offers If you don’t want to get credit card offers in the mail, then you can go to and provide […]

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Using Technology To Assist With Care Giving

Coordination Apps When it is more than just you helping to care for someone, a major issue becomes how to keep track of who said they would do what and when. Scheduling people for needs is another aspect of the coordination. Applications have been developed to help with the coordination of all of these tasks. These can be helpful both with long-term caregiving, as well as for short-term when someone perhaps is in recovery/rehabilitation from […]

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How To Live With (But Not Love) Inflation

Inflation. The big “I” word that everyone is hearing about this year. A large portion of our population has not experienced high inflation, since the last time the rate of inflation was this high was back in the 1970s and 1980s. What Does It Mean? Although I’ll have another blog post that goes into more of the economic ideas behind inflation, the important concept is to understand that with a high inflation rate, it takes […]

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Learning Money Management After A Major Life Change

If your spouse currently handles all of the household finances, have you ever thought about what you would do if your spouse was not there to do those tasks? People become widowed, divorced or for other reasons find that suddenly they are responsible for personal finances. What would you need to know in order to suddenly do this? What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know Donald Rumsfeld, during a department of defense press conference, uttered […]

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Finding A Third-Party To Manage Household Finances

As you know, I offer services as a Daily Money Manager (DMM) and support my clients by helping them with their household financial tasks. If you should find you or someone you know needing someone like myself, how do you go about finding someone who can do this? That’s the question that I help answer when I present the topic to different social groups. I thought it would be useful to publish this in order […]

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The Flow Of Money

During our lifetime, we make financial goals. These might be short-term goals such as having enough money around to spend on car repairs or a summer vacation. Or they might be longer-term goals such as saving for retirement. Of course, a spending plan is the key to having success with both of those. But that’s a different topic. The canal of a spending goal is that one is keeping track of the expenses against those […]

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Building A Spending Plan

If you’ve said to yourself that you wanted to get a better handle on your household finances, I’m sure you’ve seen the suggestion that you should create a budget. Are you dissuaded because you feel that it is too much work? Because budgeting doesn’t sound like fun at all? Because it sounds constraining? Then let’s get rid of that word. Instead, what we want is a plan to answer two questions about our money: Am […]

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