Cookie Policy

For this website to work properly, we will sometimes put a small file, called a cookie, on your computing device through your browser. We use these cookies to determine how you use the website, which pages you visit, and to be able to remember you if you return to our website.

How do we use this information?

We use this information to determine how many people are using our website, so we know how popular it is and which pages on the site you find most useful. We are geeks at heart, so we like to make pretty graphs and maps from the anonymous statistical information we collect. A third-party places many of these cookies and presents us with the statistical information.

How can you control cookies?

Most browsers now have the ability to restrict placing cookies, as well as allowing you to control or delete the cookies. Of course, if you make certain changes, our website may not look as good to you and some functions may not work properly.  When you first arrive at our site, we notify you that cookies are being used and that you have the ability to opt-out of some of them.