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Is Your Charity Skimming the Money You Give Them?

If a charity is skimming money off the books, then it isn’t going to be a charity for very long. But that isn’t the type of skimming I’m referring to. As we approach the 4th quarter of the year, the number of end-of-year solicitations is going to increase in your mailbox or your email inbox. The question is what do you do with these? Who is deserving of your charitable dollars and how much? Let’s […]

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Is Your Wallet or Purse Leaking Your Hard-Earned Money With Autopay?

Each year when I go to renew the subscription for my antivirus software I am given the fine print on checkout that my account is on autopay and each year going forward they will automatically charge my credit card for the next year’s subscription. There is the option to turn that off, but they don’t make it easy to do so. As you’ve guessed by my saying I renew each year, I’ve gone ahead and […]

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What if You Were Hit by a Truck (or Hit a Truck?)

In my first job out of college, I made friends with another co-worker who had just started work a few months before I did.  Along with other new hires our age, we formed a tight social group.  Imagine my shock when I came into work one Monday and was told, “ ‘Pat’ was in a bad car accident and is in hospital and we’re not sure if she is going to live.” It turned out […]

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How to Get A Pay Raise Without Asking Your Boss!

How would you like a pay raise without asking your boss for a raise?  Prior to the 1980s, if you worked for a company, your company likely paid into a defined pension plan for you. This worked well since this offered a fixed amount of income from the time you retired until you passed away.  It may also have provided a regular fixed amount for a widow or widower after the worker passed away.  Some […]

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Want To Improve Your Credit Rating?

Why do you keep hearing about credit ratings and how important those scores are?  In the same way that companies and even governments are rated on how likely they are to pay back money loaned to them, individuals are also rated by their risk to lenders.  In corporations, the rating goes from AAA (almost no risk) to BB+ and below (the so-called “junk bonds”).  For individuals, it is that magic credit score that goes from […]

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Check Fraud Scams Are Fleecing Young People

In this post I will focus on check fraud scams and for a reason you might not think.  When we think of scams, we tend to think about trying to give older adults the tools they need to avoid being the victim. In fact, in the Tri-Tips newsletter a scam is highlighted every month.   While the need to educate older adults is still important, a risk report from the Better Business Bureau found that there is […]

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Teaching Children About Money Management

Money.  It’s a topic that is often difficult to discuss because we tend to not want to talk about our income and expenses with people.  Children are people too, but this is not an area where you want to open up the household books to them right away. Money Management For Younger Children There are a few basic areas that children need to learn about.  First is to understand the concept of money and how […]

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Your Parent’s Furnishings Are Worth What!?

In another post, I talked about downsizing while you or your parents are still able. As baby boomer’s parents (and boomers themselves) start to downsize, the question becomes what to do with all the furniture that has to go? Can you get any money by selling those furnishings? The realistic answer is that many of the furnishings of baby boomers (and their parents) are not what the next generation is interested in. There is so […]

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How to Find Lost Money – For Free

Do you remember every financial account you’ve had over the years?  Have you moved around a fair amount?  Surprisingly, someone might want to give you some lost money back, but they don’t know how to find you!  Seriously, that’s the case with money or property in accounts where the institution or company has accounts they consider abandoned.  What happens is that over time, the account is considered abandoned and the funds eventually are turned over […]

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How Good Are You at Spotting Any Scam?

Pre-Paid Cards One technique that is used that should be a red flag is any payment method that is immediate such as wiring money or the use of pre-paid cards of some type. If someone calls and threatens you with arrest but wants you to buy a pre-paid card to get out of it, it is almost certainly a scam.  The particular card might be a Green Dot card, an iTunes card, or basically any […]

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